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2020 Knoxville First SDA Podcasts     Subscribe to this channel
2017_07_22 Flowing the Crowd2017_07_22 Flowing the CrowdPastor Marc Swearingen, Jul 22, 2017

2017 Knoxville First SDA Podcasts     Subscribe to this channel
2017_07_15  All Is Able Part 22017_07_15 All Is Able Part 2Pastor Rodrick London, Jul 15, 2017
2017_07_01 Heavenly Mathematics2017_07_01 Heavenly MathematicsPastor Marc Swearingen, Jul 1, 2017
2017_06_24 Cast the Net Again2017_06_24 Cast the Net AgainPastor Marc Swearingen, Jun 24, 2017
2017_06_17 The Nations of the Saved2017_06_17 The Nations of the SavedPastor Marc Swearingen, Jun 17, 2017
2017_06_03 REALigion2017_06_03 REALigionDavid Carnero, Jun 3, 2017
2007_05_27 We want a King2007_05_27 We want a KingPastor Marc Swearingen, May 27, 2017
2017_05_20 Loving the Unlovable2017_05_20 Loving the UnlovablePastor Marc Swearingen, May 20, 2017
2017_05_13 Conquest By Category2017_05_13 Conquest By CategoryPastor Marc Swearingen, May 13, 2017
Shalom:  Only InterruptedShalom: Only InterruptedPastor Don Pate, May 6, 2017
2017_04_29 By Faith or by Sight2017_04_29 By Faith or by SightPastor Marc Swearingen, Apr 29, 2017
2017_04_22 Avoiding a Knowledge of Evil2017_04_22 Avoiding a Knowledge of EvilPastor Marc Swearingen, Apr 22, 2017
2017_04_15 Christ - The First Born From The Dead?2017_04_15 Christ - The First Born From The Dead?Pastor Marc Swearingen, Apr 15, 2017
2017_04_01 Two Expresions of Infinite Love2017_04_01 Two Expresions of Infinite LovePastor Marc Swearingen, Apr 1, 2017
2017_03_18 The Power of Godly Youth2017_03_18 The Power of Godly YouthPastor Marc Swearingen, Mar 18, 2017
2017_03_04  A Personal Testimony2017_03_04 A Personal TestimonyPastor Marc Swearingen, Mar 16, 2017
2017-02-25 United In Mission2017-02-25 United In MissionPastor Gary Rustad, Feb 25, 2017
2017_02_18 Commands of the Master2017_02_18 Commands of the MasterPastor Rick Greve, Feb 18, 2017
2017_02_04 Principles of God2017_02_04 Principles of God's KingdomPastor Appel, Feb 4, 2017
2017_01_28 This is My Story2017_01_28 This is My StoryJordan Hubbard and Cullen Pearson, Jan 28, 2017
2017_01_21 Pivot Point2017_01_21 Pivot PointDon Pate, Jan 21, 2017

2016 Knoxville First SDA     Subscribe to this channel
2016_12_31 New Year, New Life2016_12_31 New Year, New LifePastor Edgar Alquinta, Dec 31, 2016
2016_12_17 Principles of Gods Kingdom P42016_12_17 Principles of Gods Kingdom P4Pastor John Appel, Dec 17, 2016
2016_12_03 What Does God want for Christmas2016_12_03 What Does God want for ChristmasL Litchfield, Dec 3, 2016
2016_11_25 Principles of God2016_11_25 Principles of God's Kingdom Part II and IIIPastor John Appel, Nov 26, 2016
2016_11_05 Principles of God2016_11_05 Principles of God's Kingdom - Part 1Pastor John Appel, Nov 5, 2016
2016_10_29 I Just Wanta Be A Deer2016_10_29 I Just Wanta Be A DeerPastor Michaela Jeffery, Oct 29, 2016
2016_10_15 Which One: Father or Older Son?2016_10_15 Which One: Father or Older Son?John Appel, Oct 15, 2016
2016_10_01 The Fellwoship of the Forgiven.2016_10_01 The Fellwoship of the Forgiven.Pastor Don Pate, Oct 1, 2016
2016_09_23  Growing Away From Number 32016_09_23 Growing Away From Number 3Pastor Don Pate, Sep 24, 2016
2016_09_17 Blessings in the Wake2016_09_17 Blessings in the WakePastor Don Pate, Sep 17, 2016
2016_08_27 Truth Self-evident2016_08_27 Truth Self-evidentPastor Don Pate, Aug 27, 2016
2016_08_20 A Unique Heritage2016_08_20 A Unique HeritagePastor Don Pate, Aug 20, 2016
2016_08_06 Your Line in the Sand2016_08_06 Your Line in the SandPastor Don Pate, Aug 6, 2016
2016_07_30 Healing Ratified2016_07_30 Healing RatifiedPastor Don Pate, Jul 30, 2016
2016_07_23 Back to the River2016_07_23 Back to the RiverPastor Don Pate, Jul 23, 2016
2016_07_16 For Such a Time2016_07_16 For Such a TimePastor Don Pate, Jul 16, 2016
2016_07_09 Embracing the Struggle2016_07_09 Embracing the StrugglePastor Don Pate, Jul 16, 2016
2016_07_02 Unexpected Melodies2016_07_02 Unexpected MelodiesPastor Don Pate, Jul 2, 2016
2016_06_25 Six Sacred Epiphanies2016_06_25 Six Sacred EpiphaniesPastor Don Pate, Jun 25, 2016
2016_06-18 Enduring the Contractions2016_06-18 Enduring the ContractionsPastor Don Pate, Jun 18, 2016
2016_06_04 Nothing Worth Having2016_06_04 Nothing Worth HavingDaniel R. Goodge, Esq, Jun 4, 2016
2016_05_28 Ordination Service2016_05_28 Ordination ServiceDoug Tilstra, May 28, 2016
2016_05_07 Not In My House!2016_05_07 Not In My House!Pastor Michaela Lawrence Jeffery, May 7, 2016
2016_04_30 Crow-Path Living2016_04_30 Crow-Path LivingPastor Don Pate, Apr 30, 2016
2016_04_23 The Sound of His Voice2016_04_23 The Sound of His VoicePastor Andrew Shurtliff, Apr 23, 2016
2016_03_13 A Fathers Embrace2016_03_13 A Fathers EmbracePaster Anderew Shurtliff, Apr 14, 2016
2016_04_09 Someday, Christlikeness2016_04_09 Someday, ChristlikenessPastor Don Pate, Apr 14, 2016
2016_04_02 Panel Discussion with Pastor Andrew2016_04_02 Panel Discussion with Pastor AndrewPastor Andrew Shurtliff, Apr 2, 2016
2016_03_19 Detatching from Egypt2016_03_19 Detatching from EgyptPastor Don Pate, Mar 19, 2016
2016_03_05 Adoption on Steroids2016_03_05 Adoption on SteroidsPastor Don Pate, Mar 5, 2016
2016_02_27 The "Me" He Sees2016_02_27 The "Me" He SeesPastor Don Pate, Feb 27, 2016
2016_02_20 God Stuff on His Terms2016_02_20 God Stuff on His TermsPastor Don Pate, Feb 20, 2016
2016_02_06 bWaitin for the How To2016_02_06 bWaitin for the How ToPastor Don Pate, Feb 6, 2016
2016_01_30 Instananeous or Incremental Holiness2016_01_30 Instananeous or Incremental HolinessPastor Don Pate, Jan 30, 2016
2016_01_23Sabbath Snow Service2016_01_23Sabbath Snow ServicePastor Don Pate, Jan 23, 2016
2016_01_16 The Delight and Danger of Opening Doors2016_01_16 The Delight and Danger of Opening DoorsMichaela Jeffery, Jan 16, 2016
2016_01_02 Signed Sealed And....2016_01_02 Signed Sealed And....Pastor Don Pate, Jan 2, 2016

2015 Archived Knox1stSDA Podcasts     Subscribe to this channel
Chose LifeChose LifePastor Andrew Shurtliff, Dec 26, 2015
Writing Your Own InvitationWriting Your Own InvitationPastor Don Pate, Dec 19, 2015
The Dirt GodThe Dirt GodPastor Don Pate, Dec 5, 2015
The Next Layer LifeThe Next Layer LifePastor Don Pate, Nov 21, 2015
Two Pitfalls EradicatedTwo Pitfalls EradicatedPastor Don Pate, Nov 7, 2015
Tithing LifeTithing LifePastor Don Pate, Oct 31, 2015
2015_10_03 Trudging Until the Miracle2015_10_03 Trudging Until the MiraclePastor Don Pate, Oct 3, 2015
2015_09_26 Blessable ROI2015_09_26 Blessable ROIPastor Don Pate, Sep 26, 2015
2015_09_19 Advent House Student Panel2015_09_19 Advent House Student PanelAdvent House Students, Sep 19, 2015
2015_09_12 How Can a Blind Man See2015_09_12 How Can a Blind Man SeePastor Andrew Shurtliff, Sep 12, 2015
2015_09_05 The Whole Truth2015_09_05 The Whole TruthPastor Don Pate, Sep 5, 2015
2015_08_29  But Aren2015_08_29 But Aren't I Supposed To Be Strong?Chaplain Micheala Jeffery, Aug 29, 2015
2015-08-22 Gold in your hand!2015-08-22 Gold in your hand!Pastor Don Pate, Aug 22, 2015
2015_08_15 Faking It..The Two -edged Sword2015_08_15 Faking It..The Two -edged SwordPastor Don Pate, Aug 15, 2015
2015_08_01 Abandoning Babel2015_08_01 Abandoning BabelPastor Don Pate, Aug 1, 2015
2015_07_18 Working on the Core2015_07_18 Working on the CorePastor Don Pate, Jul 18, 2015
2015_07_04 Slammin the Devil Door2015_07_04 Slammin the Devil DoorPastor Don Pate, Jul 4, 2015
2015_06_27 Just Showin Up2015_06_27 Just Showin UpPastor Don Pate, Jun 27, 2015
2015_06_20 A Non-____Jesus2015_06_20 A Non-____JesusPastor Don Pate, Jun 20, 2015
2015_06_06 Self-evident Truths2015_06_06 Self-evident TruthsPastor Don Pate, Jun 6, 2015
2015_05_30 All About Jesus2015_05_30 All About JesusPastor Pete Geli, May 30, 2015
2015_05_23 A Model of Missing the Mark2015_05_23 A Model of Missing the MarkPastor Don Pate, May 23, 2015
2015_05_16 Grab It and Wring It Out2015_05_16 Grab It and Wring It OutPastor Don Pate, May 16, 2015
2015_05_09 The Top Ten Reasons Why2015_05_09 The Top Ten Reasons WhyPastor Don Pate, May 9, 2015
2015_04-25 Two Quiter Commandments2015_04-25 Two Quiter CommandmentsPastor Don Pate, Apr 25, 2015
2015_04_18 But He Wasn"t in the Whisper2015_04_18 But He Wasn"t in the WhisperChaplain Michaela Jeffery, Apr 18, 2015
2015_04_11 The Irritating Christ2015_04_11 The Irritating ChristPastor Don Pate, Apr 11, 2015
2015_04_04 Victory2015_04_04 VictoryPastor Don Pate, Apr 4, 2015
2015_03_28 On The Alter2015_03_28 On The AlterPastor Don Pate, Mar 28, 2015
2015_03_21 Condemned2015_03_21 CondemnedPastor Don Pate, Mar 21, 2015
2015_03_14 To Hell And Beyond2015_03_14 To Hell And BeyondPastor Don Pate, Mar 14, 2015
2015_3_7 Two Banquets 2015_3_7 Two Banquets Pastor Don Pate, Mar 7, 2015
2015_02_28 The Noose Tightens2015_02_28 The Noose TightensPastor Don Pate, Feb 28, 2015
2015_02_14 Simonides Model2015_02_14 Simonides ModelPastor Don Pate, Feb 14, 2015
2015_02_07 Pride or Promise2015_02_07 Pride or PromisePastor Andrew Shurtliff, Feb 7, 2015
2015_01_03 This One Thing2015_01_03 This One ThingSenior Pastor Don Pate, Jan 24, 2015
2015_01_24 A Fountain of Life and Death2015_01_24 A Fountain of Life and DeathSenior Pastor Don Pate, Jan 24, 2015
2015_01_17 Inhale Now2015_01_17 Inhale NowSenior Pastor Don Pate, Jan 17, 2015
2015_01_10 The Church of Christ, Nothing Less2015_01_10 The Church of Christ, Nothing LessSenior Pasor Don Pate, Jan 10, 2015

2014 Archived Knox1stSDA Podcasts     Subscribe to this channel
From the Cradle to the CrossFrom the Cradle to the CrossPastor Andrew Shurtliff, Dec 31, 2014
Resistance Is FutileResistance Is FutilePastor Andrew Shurtliff, Dec 27, 2014
Born in the Shadows Born in the Shadows Senior Pastor Don Pate, Dec 20, 2014
Am I Supposed to Believe THATAm I Supposed to Believe THATGuest Speaker Steven Bauer, Dec 6, 2014
What Do We Call Him?What Do We Call Him?Senior Pastor Don Pate, Nov 29, 2014
Three Angels, One MessageThree Angels, One MessagePastor Andrew Shurtliff, Nov 22, 2014
Samson v. OsweilerSamson v. OsweilerSenior Pastor Don Pate, Nov 15, 2014
In His PresenceIn His PresenceGuest Speaker - Elder Pete Geli, Nov 8, 2014
The Irresistible ForceThe Irresistible ForceSenior Pastor Don Pate, Nov 1, 2014
Eternal LifeEternal LifePastor Andrew Shurtliff, Oct 25, 2014
Looking for the NextLooking for the NextSenior Pastor Don Pate, Oct 18, 2014
Farewell to AntiochFarewell to AntiochSenior Pastor Don Pate, Oct 11, 2014
Salt of the EarthSalt of the EarthGuest Speaker - KAS Principal Geoff White, Oct 4, 2014
The Reasons I Keep Going OnThe Reasons I Keep Going OnGuest Speaker - Victor Maddox, Sep 27, 2014
Stop It!Stop It!Guest Speaker - Elder Roger Hernandez, Sep 20, 2014
Lost SheepLost SheepPastor Andrew Shurtliff, Sep 13, 2014
Whose Are You?Whose Are You?Guest Speaker - Advent House Director Michaela Jeffery, Sep 6, 2014
Promise KeeperPromise KeeperPastor Andrew Shurtliff, Aug 30, 2014
Trusting God No Matter WhatTrusting God No Matter WhatFormer Senior Pastor Edgar Alquinta, Aug 23, 2014
Holy TreasuresHoly TreasuresGuest Speaker - Elder Mitch Hazekamp, Aug 16, 2014
Keep Calm, God is SovereignKeep Calm, God is SovereignFormer Senior Pastor Edgar Alquinta, Aug 9, 2014
Holy Holy HolyHoly Holy HolyPastor Andrew Shurtliff, Aug 2, 2014
The True Prosperity GospelThe True Prosperity GospelPastor Andrew Shirtlliff, Jul 26, 2014
What Faith Can DoWhat Faith Can DoFormer Senior Pastor Edgar Alquinta, Jul 12, 2014
Sharing Your FaithSharing Your FaithFormer Senior Pastor Edgar Alquinta, Jul 5, 2014
A Call to be FaithfulA Call to be FaithfulFormer Senior Pastor Edgar Alquinta, Jun 28, 2014
How Faith WorksHow Faith WorksPastor Andrew Shurtliff, Jun 21, 2014
Men of LegacyMen of LegacyGuest Speaker - Jorge Torres, Jun 14, 2014
With A Goal In MineWith A Goal In MinePastor Andrew Shurtliff, Jun 7, 2014
Abide In HimAbide In HimPastor Andrew Shurtliff, May 31, 2014
To Know HimTo Know HimGuest Speaker - Elder Pete Geli, May 24, 2014
The Color of LoveThe Color of LoveGuest Speaker - Doug Jacobs, May 17, 2014
Thank God For Moms!Thank God For Moms!Former Senior Pastor Edgar Alquinta, May 10, 2014
Confident in ChristConfident in ChristAssociate Pastor Andrew Shurtliff, May 3, 2014
Who Has Your HeartWho Has Your HeartAssociate Pastor Andrew Shurtliff, Apr 26, 2014
We Are Hungry, LordWe Are Hungry, LordGuest Speaker - Dr. Greg King, Apr 12, 2014
The King Who Knew Not JosephThe King Who Knew Not JosephGuest Speaker - Elder James Zackrison, Apr 5, 2014
Do You Trust MeDo You Trust MeGuest Speaker - Michaela Jeffery, Advent House Director, Mar 29, 2014
Intercessary PrayerIntercessary PrayerGuest Speaker - Elder Mark Piotrowski, Mar 22, 2014
The Nuts and Bolts of UnityThe Nuts and Bolts of UnityAssociate Pastor Andrew Shurtliff, Mar 15, 2014
Walking in VictoryWalking in VictoryFormer Senior Pastor Edgar Alquinta, Mar 8, 2014
Walk The TalkWalk The TalkFormer Senior Pastor Edgar Alquinta, Mar 1, 2014

2013 Archived Knox1stSDA Podcasts     Subscribe to this channel
He Owes Us Nothing, But Gave....He Owes Us Nothing, But Gave....Andrew Shurtliff, Associate Pastor, Nov 30, 2013
Where Are HeroesWhere Are HeroesDwight Lehnhoff, Former Head Elder, Nov 16, 2013
Gratitude in ActionGratitude in ActionFormer Senior Pastor Edgar Alquinta, Nov 2, 2013
His Temple, Not MineHis Temple, Not MineFormer Senior Pastor Edgar Alquinta, Sep 14, 2013