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"So I have been in Pucallpa for two weeks now. In some ways it feels like months yet in others just days. I have been thinking about blogging, but still not sure of the spare time I’ll have or the more realistic reason of actually wanting to write. However, a couple nights ago I had my first “true” missionary experience.

I had heard that a fellow SM had gone to help two members of the church who were involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA). Later in the evening Henry, the local Nurse at AMOR Projects, said he would be going to their house to give the lady medicine. I of course wanted to go so Henry, another RN SM and I set out to give her 2 injections for pain around 2130. As we left AMOR, I could see lightning and hear thunder in the distance. Henry also mentioned there being no one on the streets because of the time, expect for gangsters. We arrived safely to the house with no help but the MotoKar light.

I could tell the elderly lady was in pain, she had about ten stitches across her forehead and many bruises on her body. I had learned the couple was on a motorcycle and got hit by a hit and run MotoKar. It is common for the motorcycles to get in accidents here. The lady was vomiting so we needed to start an IV for electrolyte replacement which was back at AMOR. The other RN SM decided to stay at AMOR, so a couple of Henry’s children came.

On the way back to the house the lightning, thunder and wind was getting closer. Half blocking the road we need to turn down, there was a MotoKar and several people standing around. We were able to turn down the road with no problem as Henry said “Those were the gangsters, but the angels are with us.”

As soon as we stepped inside the patients house it started pouring rain and the electricity went out. I started looking for veins to start the IV in the elderly lady and used a spare glove as the tourniquet with only the flashlight on my phone. I got the IV started first try all thanks to God. Since there are no IV pumps here, we had to manually calculate and set the drop factor. We cleaned everything up and told her we would be back in the morning to check on her and give her another injection.

As we left, Henry told me “God is helping us, because of the rain now the gangsters aren’t out” and I was thinking the same. We took a different way back to AMOR, dropping a couple of ladies off at their home, that had been visiting the church members. I prayed we didn’t get stuck in the mud/mini rivers that had formed in the dirt roads from all the rain. We turned the corner to get to AMOR, we saw a light moving next to AMOR. As we got closer we could see an older man motioning us around a power line that had fallen in the storm. As we came to the gate at AMOR, at 2330, we noticed everything was locked. Fortunately, a fellow SM who had a key was walking to his room noticed us and let us in. I was surprised to see we had power, while the neighbors didn’t. Especially when our power goes out at the most random times, while everyone around us has power still.

I truly thank God for watching over all of us that night and keeping us safe. Somehow in the middle of it all I was calm as could be. Then when I got back and everything was over it hit me how many things could have gone bad, but didn’t. God is good y’all! Have a blessed weekend. #JungleRN #SAUstudentmissions"