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Dear Church Family,               

It's good to see activity down the hill at KAS today! 

If you didn't brave the elements on Sabbath morning you may wonder about how things went here. Wonderfully, actually!

There were 46 of us who gathered for a limited Sabbath School (one adult class and one childrens gathering) and we are grateful for those who stepped up to take leadership in those areas!

At the vote/agreement of those in attendance we had a more informal classroom style worship event. Even at that we had wonderful blessing of excellent music, a provocative update on issues of Religious Liberty by Danny Goodge and Amanda Loga blessed the few kidlets who were here. 

We concluded with an interactive consideration on "the Rich Young Ruler" story and how it triggers us to consider decisions we each need to make in developing a rich spiritual life in Jesus.

Again, thanks to those who came, helped clean walking paths, took leadership, ran the p.a. and projector and... Blessings on you all!

And, yes, I was asked, "Were many who attended people who have lived up north?" That's a perceptive thought... and it's true. Many of those who hit the roads to attend had lived long-term in places like Ontario, Michigan, New York, New England, Indiana... and some brave southerners, too.

If you weren't ready to challenge the elements on Sabbath we trust you were blessed as those of us who gathered were. Now, we move forward.

We will transition some of our plans for last Sabbath forward to this next one. A specific area that we won't is the target of our special offering- Religious Liberty. 

But, you can get better exposure on these issues at any time as Danny Goodge has created a Facebook page for us. And, you can, of course, at any time earmark offerings for this cause by just designating that on a tithe envelope.

This afternoon I'll be leaving for Cohutta for meetings that will keep me 'til late Wednesday afternoon. So, as previously announced, our morning Recalibration group will not meet this week. Wednesday night we will have a time of blessing at 7:00 p.m.

Since the weather cancelled our plans for Isaiah last week we want to share that you can be part of the ongoing flow when we pick up that topic on Wednesday, February 3.

We have a weekend prior to that, though, and it has some extra elements as part of our plans.

Yes, we'll slide forward last Sabbath's topics and considerations but we have two other insertions-

 1) We will be ordaining several elders for good service and we appreciate the moment of this dedication. 

2) Our Head Deaconness, Carol Goodge, has planned a gathering for our Deaconess team following the services. This will help us to make sure that we empower these good ladies for excellent ministry going forward.

Our Home and School leadership is hoping that we can get the word out that there is some extra citrus available and it needs to be distributed soon otherwise it's just a loss to our school. 

8 half boxes of navels
¼ box of navels
5 half boxes of grapefruit and 
2 half boxes of honeybells.

You may reach out to Kim Mitchell or Janet Rowe for more information, the sooner the better! Thanks for blessing our school this way.

We hope you are planning for this Sunday's Pathfinder Mystery Auction/Benefit Dinner event. (You may peruse the full announcement at our church website under the 1.23.16 bulletin.) This should be fun, and even more so if we have many choose to take part in the experience. We hope you are among them!

If you'd like to make a note on your calendar about two other upcoming dates- On February 5 we will have our 1st Friday gathering. If you attend you are guaranteed to leave with a much, much better picture of the magnificence of Christ as we reconsider many things that most just don't know about "The Arrest and Trial of Jesus." You'll not want to miss this.

The second date is our next Fellowship Meal Sabbath- February 13. We appreciate the good folks from team #4 (Peggy Henion, Leader) who are planning to organize this.

There will be one change from our norm on that day, though. Due to a major schedule conflict we WILL NOT BE HAVING ANY S-OU-L outreach events that afternoon. We'll get back on track with several wonderful offerings on March 12. (That's also the day we'll be hosting noted violinist, Jaime Jorge!)

That's almost enough for one UPdate. I will share one more thing in closing- Someone left a very nice Bible on my desk. It says, "EJ Scott" inside the cover but I'm not sure I have any idea where that should go. If you know who "EJ Scott" is you'll want them to know that I have their Bible.

Enough for now. Thanks for keeping in the loop... and don't forget to contact Janet Rowe or Kim Mitchell to access the citrus that will benefit our school.


'Lord Bless',

Don Pate
Knoxville First Church